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Sustainability to us

More than just a buzzword

B Corp Certified

Alp N Rock is proud to announce that we are now B Corp Certified, meaning we adhere to and uphold the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Positive impact is at the heart of what we do. From giving back with room to read, to opting for fair-trade certified factories and fair labor practices, to selecting eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials. We will never settle when it comes to building a company that is working to create positive change in the world.

Eco-friendly materials

The materials we use are incredibly important to us - this is why we try to include eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Both collections launched in 2020 feature the highest use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials yet. Below are a few of our regulars:

A system that ensures a variety of criteria are met along the textile supply chain including worker safety, environmental impact and many more.

Certified Organic Cotton
Cotton grown with less water usage and no toxic chemicals to protect our farmers and ecosystems.

Recycled Polyester
A fiber made from post-consumer plastic processed to use less energy than regular polyester.

A sustainable, cruelty free and synthetic alternative to down-feathers.


Our intention is to design clothing that can be kept and loved for years. This is why we use high quality materials and create timeless designs that can be worn during any season, for any occasion. When you invest in a clothing with a long lifespan, you are creating a more sustainable wardrobe and a better future.

Reduce waste & introduce recycled materials

We simplified our packaging, leaving only the essentials and reducing our waste. As of 2021, all of our external packaging is also made from eco-friendly, recycled materials. We will continue on this journey of sustainable packaging by working with our suppliers to eliminate virgin plastic.


We want this to be an open conversation. This means sharing our progress, successes and challenges with you. Read our 2021/2022 Sustainability Report to learn more about what we have already accomplished, the issues we are addressing, and the path we are paving for the future.

Giving Back

Ethically Produced

Cruelty Free


Vegan Leather

Faux Fur