Eco-friendly materials

A fiber made from plant materials, produced in an environmentally friendly closed loop process.

A system that ensures a variety of criteria are met along the textile supply chain including worker safety, environmental impact and many more.

Certified Organic Cotton
Cotton grown with less water usage and no toxic chemicals to protect our farmers and ecosystems.

Recycled Polyester
A fiber made from post-consumer plastic processed to use less energy than regular polyester.

A sustainable, cruelty free and synthetic alternative to down-feathers.

Transcend Trends

Our intention is to design clothing that can be kept and worn for years. This is why we use high quality materials and create timeless designs that can be worn across seasons. When you invest in a clothing with a long lifespan, you do your part.

Reduce waste & introduce recycled materials

In the next year, our external packaging will be switched to 100% recycled materials and the use of gift wrapping and any unnecessary paper will be eliminated. We will work with our manufacturers to reduce their waste and make the switch to poly bags that are made from recycled plastic.


We want this to be an open conversation. This means sharing our progress, successes and challenges with you. We also want to be transparent about our supply chain. When a customer asks where our clothing is made, we want to be able to tell them where it came from along every step of the supply chain.
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Giving Back

Ethically Produced

Cruelty Free


Vegan Leather

Faux Fur