Eco Down

We do warmth right, by using eco-friendly down alternatives that keep the chill out while opting out of animal cruelty. Our pieces are filled with PrimaLoft®, which is a post-consumer recycled eco-insulation. It matches the quality, feel, and warmth of traditional down, while supporting our ethos that looking good should go hand in hand with doing good.

Wool Alternatives

We do not use wool in any of our products. Because their fleece and skin are in high demand, sheep are treated as wool-producing machines. Shearers are usually paid by volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast work and hasty handling - leading to injury and unfair treatment of the animals. We have successfully sourced sweater blends and yarns that insulate without the itchiness or need for sheep’s wool.

Vegan Leather

Our soft and durable vegan leather is an eco-friendly and high quality alternative to real leather. We’ve innovated our vegan leather to look, feel and perform like actual leather - which is not an easy task. We’re proud to be saving thousands of animals’ lives each year by choosing this route, and are always on the lookout for even more luxurious alternative leathers to incorporate into our collection.

Faux Fur

None of our products are made with real animal fur. We’ve perfected our faux fur to be just as soft and luxurious as the real thing, using synthetic fibers designed to trap heat, so keeping warm is never an issue. Over the years, we’ve refined our variety of faux furs to keep you looking stylish and cozy wherever your adventure takes you.