Founded in 2007, Alp N Rock presents as a new wave ready-to-wear brand by Swiss-Canadian designer Susanne Reich.

Born from the desire to create clothing that transcends trends, with an emphasis on quality and fit, each season offers a collection defined by Alp N Rock’s signature detailing and thoughtful perspective on multi-hyphenate dressing. Every piece is produced with supreme attention to craft and the highest caliber materials and construction available. 

We believe that modernity is underpinned by ethical and sustainable practices. Alp N Rock is proud to be a certified B Corporation, which means we adhere to and uphold the highest standards of social and environmental impact. As a 100% cruelty free brand, our eco and animal friendly alternatives are top of the line, demonstrating that making a positive impact is not only possible, but preferred. 

Our highest ethos is that true luxury is the ability to give back. Up to 10% of profits are donated to the Room to Read foundation, funding children’s literacy around the world.


We're striving for a smaller footprint. Innovation, planet-friendly materials and a focus on fair trade production are at the heart of our initiatives.
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Giving Back

Up to 10% of profits go to the Room to Read foundation, supporting children's literacy and gender equality around the world.
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We are proud to be 100% cruelty-free. Our high quality alternatives prove that choosing to make a positive impact is not only possible, but preferred.
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