The Power of Slow Fashion

In a world where billion-dollar clothing corporations are turning over a new collection every week, the consumer has become inundated with an overload of product. It can be tempting to buy, and then buy some more as we watch the never-ending cycle of trends come in an out in the blink of an eye. This is called fast fashion – it’s based on producing mass amounts of product, and it sacrifices quality and the welfare of workers to turn out an item that is as cheap as possible. It’s easy to be pulled towards clothing that is unbelievably low in price… but what is the true cost of buying clothing like this? Think global pollution, exploitation of impoverished men, women, and children around the globe, and clothing that has a limited lifetime as it is of poor quality and workmanship.

This is a topic that Alp-n-Rock is incredibly passionate about. We are proud to call ourselves a part of the slow fashion movement. This means that when you buy a piece from us, it is guaranteed to last. When we hear potential customers expressing that they think Alp-n-Rock is too expensive, we understand their concerns. During a time when things are getting cheaper and cheaper, a higher price on an item of clothing may be outside of the norm for some people. But we believe that you get what you pay for. When you buy from us, you are purchasing a piece of art, made by people we value. You may be surprised to know that by the time your Alp-n-Rock arrives, it has been lovingly imbued with the spirit of over 40 individuals. From the CEO, who hand sketches each design, to the graphic artists, the cutters and sewers, the printers and embroiderers, the shippers, and finally – the delivery into your loving hands.

As a customer, you’re empowered by being able to vote with your dollar. Every time you buy something new, you are choosing a cause to support. We want to thank everyone who has bought from us – by doing so, you give power to small companies working hard to do good things for the world. We assure you that Alp-n-Rock will always be committed to ethically produced garments that are nothing less than the best. An Alp-n-Rock piece is something you can treasure for life, and wear time and time again. When you treat clothing like that, certain articles begin to develop a spirit of their own – a reminder of happy memories and a reason to feel good every time you get dressed. If you purchase a piece, you get the chance to create its story, and take it along on your life adventure. We promise, it won’t let you down.

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