Above all else, Alp N Rock believes in human rights, morality, and quality. We apply this to all that we do, and production is no different. Our strict Code of Conduct is an integral part of our business terms, which must be followed by all factories and their respective contractors. Our clothes are made by well-trained workers in safe and modern factory environments, which we tour and regulate to maintain top of the line production with our partners.


We are committed to producing the highest quality garments in the best facilities worldwide. We select factories with the highest standards both in terms of worker welfare and equipment modernity. We are never willing to compromise on either of those things. Our production is currently taking place in India and China, and we will be expanding to Peru and Vietnam in the years to come.


Alp N Rock is currently placing emphasis on pursuing the most sustainable options in garment production. Our tee-knits are fair trade certified, and as we move forward in design, we will be opting for environmentally conscious fabrics and dyes. We are also aiming to be plastic free by the end of 2020, and are working on a sustainable packing bag to deliver your purchase to you with lesser impact.