Transcend Trends

Inspired by heritage and vintage craftsmanship, Alp N Rock takes a modern, fashion-forward approach, pairing each unique style with intricate detailing. Each piece is thoughtfully-designed and made to transition well between adventures and everyday wear.

Quality & Craftsmanship

All Alp N Rock garments are put through rigorous quality tests, assuring each piece will maintain its gold standard level of quality over time. All stitching, embroidery, and patches are carefully constructed, a testament to Alp N Rock’s superior craftsmanship. Top caliber fabrics and ethically-sourced materials support our ethos that animal-rights don’t have to be compromised to deliver a product of the highest quality.


Raised between Canada, Denmark, and Switzerland, Susanne Reich’s unique global perspective laid the foundation for her business. She took her passion for the outdoors and coupled it with a mission to give back - creating a line of elevated fashion that would impact both the lives of its customers and girls in need. In the past 10 years, Susanne and the Alp N Rock team have done just that, taking the brand to new heights and reaching their initial goal of funding education for over 1,000 girls in developing countries.

Giving Back

Alp N Rock is dedicated to empowering the next generation of women by funding the education of girls in developing countries. Our funding provides the lifelong gift of education, supporting girls that will go on to become leaders as they are given the tools to create progress and change in their communities. With every purchase, Alp N Rock donates up to 10% of profits to Room to Read.

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