Lets Run Away: Top Travel Destinations

Let’s Run Away! Every once and awhile, everyone deserves a break from their daily routine. Exploration and adventure can be freeing, and provide the perfect reset and dose of inspiration and excitement. Whether you are planning a tropical getaway, a trip to the mountains, or an exotic escape, here are our 3 top picks and suggestions for you. 

The Tropical Getaway: Maui

Grab your beach towel, yoga gear, and sunglasses! It’s time to relax and unwind in warmer climates.

Check out these unique treetop houses for rent in Maui, and prepare to get lost in the lush greenery and wildlife that surrounds you.

3 things to do in Maui: 

-Visit the Haleakala crater! Enjoy an amazing hike, beautiful views, and watch the sun rise or set. Get lost in the clouds, and gain some serious nature appreciation!

Ka’anapali Beach is calling your name! If you are in Maui, beaches are at the top of your to-do list. This one offers the package deal – white sands, clear waters, and a more remote and calm atmosphere. 

-Grab some amazing food and have an adventure along the way! Ditch the resorts and restaurants for the day and stop by the Maui food trucks. Try authentic and locally made cuisine that is guaranteed to satisfy! 

Mountain State of Mind: Zermatt

If you are a hiker and snow athlete with an alpine spirit and a craving for exploration, peaks, and a charming mountain town, Zermatt is the place for you. Pack your hiking boots and skis, an Alp-n-Rock jacket, and grab a backpack to carry as you trek.


-The Matterhorn! One of the most famous peaks in the world is nestled in Zermatt. Take a hike closer to the peak and enjoy the picturesque view. Book a ticket on the gondola if you want to make your way up the side of the mountain and explore its glaciers! 

-If you are a ski aficionado, check out the Zermatt-Matterhorn Ski Paradise! Tear up the slopes, and experience some of the most famous runs in the world. It’s no secret why people come from all over the world to ski in Zermatt. 

-Try the local Swiss cuisine at the famous Restaurant Chez Vrony! It’s famous for its views, which we think are unbeatable! Find out why Swiss goods are unbeatable, and marvel at your surroundings with some good company. 

The Exotic Escape: Bali

Bali is one of the most magical places in the world. Travel to Indonesia, and you will experience holistic living, people who care deeply about spirituality and the world around us, jaw dropping scenery, and tropical food you can only dream of.

Places To Go:

Ubud- the heart of Bali is Ubud. Wander through the colorful street markets, have an incredible dining experience at the Clear Cafe, and visit the Monkey Forest and Temple. Wander through the rice terraces, experience a traditional massage, take a treetop sunrise yoga class at Yoga Barn, and settle into the Balinese lifestyle.

Uluwatu- this is paradise on earth. Calling to surfers and beach lovers alike, the water is so clear you can see the colorful coral on the ocean floor. Spend your day taking a surfing lesson or exploring the coastline. Grab lunch at Nalu Bowls, famed for their wholesome acai and smoothie bowls, and jump on your rented vespa to explore the beach town.

Wherever you go, create your own adventures. Remember to pack Alp-n-Rock, and send us your best travel snapshots! There is nothing we love more than being a part of your wonderful life experiences. Get out, and get going. We can’t wait to hear about your explorations.

Wander Freely.

The Alp-n-Rock Team



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